Garfield Teacher (and Inspiration) Jesse Hagopian Wins Teaching Award

Garfield teacher and MAP boycott leader Jesse Hagopian was named the "Secondary School Teacher of the Year" last Saturday by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International in Washington, D.C.  His "Bammy" award was also joined by a "Grammys for Teachers", a special achievement award, for his work.

Bammy_onStage_lowerResThe annual Bammy awards recognize educators from across the education field: teachers, principals, librarians, nurses, school-board members, superintendents, and others.
The presenter told the audience this Bammy was for “a demonstration of courage” because, he said, courage is necessary “when doing what’s in the best interests of children…” He added that sometimes courage “means going against accepted policy, going against what is accepted convention.”

“This is a victory for all of the students, parents and teachers at Garfield who refused to give the Michelle Rhee-endorsed MAP test, and who stood strong in the face of education-corrupting standardized testing that has run over our students,” said Hagopian, as he held up the silver-and-lead-crystal Bammy award. “And this,” he said after a pause, again hoisting the hefty Bammy, “is a victory of all of those teachers and educators who said that you should be both a social-justice advocate in the classroom, and outside the classroom.”

Hagopian’s attendance at the gala was a coincidental accident of scheduling. The National Education Association had flown him to the capital that same week to testify before the Congressional Black Caucus of the U.S. Congress. He was one of several educators from across the country that testified to the caucus about the negative impacts of standardized testing and school closures on at-risk students and their communities.

The Bammys are presented by The Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International, which includes leading educators, education professors, journalists, editors, researchers, commentators, advocates, activists, visionaries and pioneers.  The Academy is comprised of a board of governors, a council of peers, and associate members.

I also note that Diane Ravitch singled out Garfield High School during her talk on Thursday for their tremendous effort and courage.  Jesse was in the crowd, with his wife and children, to hear her praise. 


mirmac1 said…
Congratulations Jesse! I have total respect for someone who stands up for their beliefs, come hell or high water! Those that do, make it easier for everyone, beyond or in-between, to exercise their voice.
Carol Simmons said…
Many Congratulations to Jesse. He is so deserving.
Anonymous said…
A profile in courage award by another name.

Congratulations, Jesse, and thank you for all you do for our kids every day.

Anonymous said…
Run for office now! Any office.
Anonymous said…
Run for office now! Any office.

jacksmith said…
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Anonymous said…

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