Advisory Committees need volunteers

The deadline has been extended to Friday, October 11 for nominations to the School Family Partnerships Advisory Committee.

The District is also seeking nominations for the Positive Climate and Discipline Advisory Committee.

For more information, follow the links.


dw said…
But no word on the Advanced Learning Task Force (part 2) ?
dw said…
Yeah, I'm just rubbing salt in the wounds!
Anonymous said…
I was on that the ALTF and it was a joke for many reasons. in hindsight, I am curious how things might work out if the people on the committee have zero allegiance to any side?

Annie, good luck with that (if what you see here is any indication).

I wouldn't say I was hard-core pro-gifted. Indeed, I said I think Spectrum could even go away if the right things were in place. I have advocated for ALOs for ALL schools so that parents who want more rigor for their child - testing or no - can have it.

Charlie and I sat there and kept our mouths mostly shut. For months. We were out pushing anything and listened to APP, APP, APP.

It would help if the taskforce had a clear direction.

It would help if we had a real AL director who would champion the program and work to make it coherent, streamlined and as accessible as possible.

Those things didn't happen.

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