SEA Contract: Waiting for the Vote

I'll try to keep you up-to-date as the evening goes on.  I have contacts that I hope will keep me informed.

According to the SEA's Facebook page, teachers have already started signing in.

7 pm
From SEA Facebook page: Para contract has been approved by a voice vote.

7:15 p.m.
SAEOP (clerical) contract has been approved by a voice vote.

7:35 pm
Debate on the certificated staff contract has started.

KUOW is reporting long lines at all 10 mics at Benaroya as teachers wait to speak their peace.  

8:04 pm
SEA has ratified all three contracts.  Standing vote was required but it was a clear majority.


Anonymous said…
Thank you.

Anonymous said…
What do the different colors mean?

Anonymous said…
According to SEA's facebook: Para contract has been approved by a voice vote.

-Still Waiting
Anonymous said…
Different colors are different constituencies in the bargaining unit. Each unit must have a quorum for a vote to occur. Additionally, each building must also have representation, so it can take a while to get to voting...

Waiting to hear...
Anonymous said…
SEA Twitter account says all three contracts ratified.

Patrick said…
It's an imperfect end to an imperfect process, but I am glad school will be starting on time.

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