Tuesday Open Thread

From Seattle Education blog, news of a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, September 17th at 7:30 pm about standardized testing.  It's called To Test or Not to Test?  It will be a panel discussion with:

The panelists will include our very own Wayne Au, PhD who is an Associate Professor at UW Bothell. Dr. Au’s research focuses on educational equity, high-stakes testing, curriculum theory, educational policy studies and social studies education.

The panel will also include Jason Mendenhall, of the Northwest Evaluation Association. The NWEA produced and sells the MAP test that will be a part of this discussion.

And, "a surprise panelist."

Per the event description posted on the Town Hall website, this super special guest will be “a representative from a local nonprofit whose mission is to improve public schools”. Hmmm. Who might that be? Someone from the alphabet soup of Gates backed and or created organizations such as SFC, Stand for Children, LEV, the League of Education Voters or A4E, the Alliance for Education?

FYI, a new report from the Washington-based Brown Center on Education Policy says that states' spending on standardized testing is about $1.7B annually.   (This is for 44 states and D.C.)

First School Board campaign debate:

Suzanne Dale Estey and Sue Peters ( Seattle School Board race), has accepted the invitation to debate in Rainier Valley, Sunday Oct. 6th. These two qualified candidates will be one of three high profile debates along with Albert Shen, Councilman Mike O'Brien, Senator Ed Murray and Mayor Mike McGinn. RSVP ASAP and join the citizens of America's most diverse political powerhouse for a fun filled day of democracy in action. In partnership with Rainier Chamber and FirstThursday Seattle.

I cannot find any other info on where this event takes place (and I'd like to ask why just these races).  I did leave a message and I'll let you know but put it on your calendar.

What's on your mind?


Anonymous said…
Did the wait lists move on Aug. 31 as promised? Has anyone gotten a call or seen a change in their child's number on the list?

-Still Waiting
Anonymous said…
Sign of the Times: I posted a photo of an apple on my Facebook page with a "Thank You" to my teacher friends and words of encouragement as a new school year begins.

I was shocked that the comments (most from high school friends (same general middle-class backgrounds and upbringing) quickly degenerated into a discussion about teachers' "performance." A note, the biggest detractor is an investment banker who has lived in Dallas for the past 30+ years. SIGH...

Solvay Girl
Still waiting,

My child has been at #1 on a waitlist all summer and I haven't heard anything yet. My friend's child who was #8 on the Broadview Thompson waitlist got an email on Saturday telling her that her child got in.

Now I'm on the phone with enrollment (1 hour+ on hold already).

-Waiting in N. Seattle
Now I've been on hold 2+ hours. I know they are very busy, it being the day before school. Am I wasting my time? Do they answer the phone when they are busy?
Maureen said…
Jessica, I wouldn't ordinarily recommend this, but TWO hours?! Have you tried calling the school? It seems like they should have updated rosters by now and would know if your kid has been assigned to the school? Do you have two lines so you can call with one phone without losing your hold on the other?
Thanks for the idea Maureen. I was disconnected after being on hold with enrollment for 2 hours and 45 minutes so I took your advice and called the school. She said that the classrooms were full right now, so that answers my question!
Anonymous said…
Will the Source really be available on the first day of school??

Anonymous said…
I did a late withdrawal from Stevens Elem. first grade so at least one seat opened up there for someone on the wait list.

Ann D.
Anonymous said…
Meany School Design Advisory Team Seeks Members

Planning will start this fall and the Seattle Schools Meany Middle School Project Manager is looking for members to participate in the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT). Meetings will start in October and the team will comprise members from the District Teaching & Learning Department, Students, Parents and at least two community representatives.

Interested parties, or those wishing to be kept apprised of Meany Middle School project progress can contact:

Vince Gonzales
vrgonzales (at) seattleschools.org
Project Manager
Capital Projects
Seattle Public Schools
Phone: 206.252.0151
Fax: 206.252.0573

BEX IV Meany Middle School Project Website

To learn more about the plans for Meany Middle School you can visit:
BEX IV Meany Middle School Project Site

School Planning Process Roadmap

This SPS BEX IV school planning roadmap document from Fall 2012 outlines the process of opening a new school in Seattle:

Download the School Planning Roadmap (PDF)

-Ann D.
Anonymous said…
The Source will not be available until 10am this morning, per the website....

Anonymous said…
Almost noon and still no Source.

Broadmom said…
I have gotten into the source. But there is little new information besides schedules.
Anonymous said…
Hi HP,
HIMS has letters to all families of 6th graders on how to get on the new Source. I have not seen it, but since each letter was individually generated for each student, there might be a new way of login or new login codes. Have you talked to the school?

Anonymous said…
So there was a snafu with enrollment, and my child went into the twilight zone, not assigned to ANY school! It has been stressful, but now all is fixed. I would like to thank several people for their help and incredible professionalism under what must be great stress, with the new computer system problems and its delays: Ms McKagan from Adams who gave us a heads up about the problem, incredible kindness considering that we are no longer her responsibility; Ms Kathy Parks from Enrollment for working late into the night last week & fixing the error; The office staff at HIMS and Ms Goldsmith for flexibility and helpfulness when we showed up this morning with no presence in their records; Ms Renee Davis, HIMS counselor, the 6th grade class is very fortunate to have you to advise them. And also thanks to HIMS's Librarian for your kindness.

We often only hear complains about SPS
personnel, and very seldom praise, I just want to say I am grateful.

Anonymous said…
How does schools typically notify families of changes in start times? Our neighborhood school had a tiny edit to a second level web page and a tiny mention on the teacher assignment postcard.

Do start times typically change over the summer months anyway? The old time was there until a few weeks ago.

Ann D.
Anonymous said…
I mistakenly assumed test scores would be posted when the Source was up and running again. Does anyone know when individual MSP/EOC scores will be posted?

Anonymous said…
Could someone tell me what is taught in CMP 3? I need to decide whether to op up to Algebra. My child had CMP 2 last year, we really did not like it, the way that book teaches math is weird, I am thinking it might be better to skip CMP 3 and just cover the topics at home. Thank you.

Anonymous said…
CCA - I thought you and others might appreciate this comparison of CMP Math to Traditional Math

Ann D.
Anonymous said…
The posted link references CPM math, which is different from CMP math. The comparisons to traditional math are the same, however.

If your child is competent in math, then skipping CMP and moving on to Algebra may be quite doable. If you want to know what concepts should be covered in 8th grade math, look to the state standards for 8th grade. Schools are transitioning to Common Core, but will still be tested on the WA State Standards this year:

WA State Math Standards

General topics for 8th grade are: 1) linear functions and equations (also covered in Algebra), 2) properties of geometric figures (angle relationships, coordinate plane, Pythagorean Theorem), 3) data analysis (mean, median, mode, range, box-and-whisker plots, Venn diagrams, probability), and 4) additional topics such as scientific notation and exponents.

More reviews of CMP here (keep in mind they are reviewing older editions of CMP):

Reviews of CMP

-a mathy parent
(whose kids hated CMP)

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