OSPI Interested in Thoughts on Late Starts for High Schools

OSPI is apparently interested in your thoughts on a later start for high schools.  I don't believe they have the authority to order this to happen but that they are interested in finding out the depth of interest is a good sign.

Weigh in at their Facebook page.


Mike said…
Is there anyone who opposes late start for high school?

I thought the problem wasn't that people don't want late start for high schoolers, it's that it is either expensive (because it might require more buses) or that elementary schools end up having earlier start times (which might be a safety issue if little children are out on the street in the dark for more of the year).

So shouldn't the question be more about tradeoffs? Such as, are we willing to pay more for a late start time? Or are we willing to have elementaries start earlier in order to have high schools start later?
Patrick said…
I thought another reason was for the high schools to be dismissed early enough in the afternoon to participate in sports. Not that I think that reason should necessarily be compelling.

Mike, you gave me the laugh of the day (and I mean that sincerely and not sarcastically).

Does anyone oppose this?

They sure do. Patrick names one reason - and it's huge - sports. Add younger sibling childcare, after-school activities, jobs, etc. Also, elementary kids standing in the dark.

Look, this is changing in other places with better academic outcomes (and a lower number of teen driving accidents) but I wonder if that is enough to overcome entrenched thinking aka the dreaded "status quo."
Anonymous said…
Actually, a later start time for high schools would be GREAT for elementary kids if it meant we include the ridiculous 9:25 start time that a sizeable number of SPS elementary schools have. They say they do these staggered late starts because the buses have to room to high school first. Much better for educational outcomes, given the time the respective groups wake up, to switch those start times.

--elementary mom
Anonymous said…
I meant "we could get rid of the ridiculous" not "we include the ridiculous"

--elementary mom
Anonymous said…
I would like to know how many more buses we'd need to start all schools at 9. Very few high school students get yellow bus service anyway.

TechyMom said…
Not everyone thinks 9:25 is ridiculous. It works very well for our family. I dread middle school. I also don't think anyone should have to start school before 9, but that buildings should be open early for optional enrichment or daycare.
Anonymous said…
I *hate hate hate* the 9:25 start time. My older child starts at 8, and both of the adults in our family work, so school logistics, before and after school daycare, bus schedules, and after school sports are a complete nightmare. Throw in all the &*^$@%^* early dismissals (and on different schedules for their schools!!!) and we have a nearly unbearable schedule.

Our family only makes it work because I am chronically underemployed at the moment. I actually dread getting a full time offer because I honestly do not know how my youngest will get herself to the bus stop across a busy street by herself.

It is not so much the time as it is the almost two hour difference in all the schools in this town. It is utter insanity, and the amount of money supposedly saved with this triple start time schedule is ridiculously small.


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