Denny Has a Small (very) Fire Today

From Principal Jeff Clark at Denny Middle School:
This afternoon at 11:30 we had a small fire in a garbage can in a 2nd floor bathroom. The resulting smoke caused the evacuation alarm to sound. As we were clearing the smoke, the evacuation alarm sounded several more times. Today is an early-release day for Seattle Public Schools — all students were released as planned at 12:10.

All students and staff are fine — there is no resulting damage to the building. Tomorrow will be a regular school day. All of our students did an outstanding job during our evacuation procedures.
 First we have an Eckstein student (who apparently was trying to do Parkour - on a roof?)who falls through a skylight on the roof.

Today, it's a bathroom garbage can fire at Denny. (And apparently it was the girls bathroom.)  And,  it was quite a lot of smoke in the halls.  One commenter at the West Seattle Blog says there looked like a lot of damage AND there's video camera right outside the bathroom.  Uh oh.

Middle schoolers acting true to form (or at least true to Hollywood middle school standards). 


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