A Busy Thursday

To note for today:

- Diane Ravitch, talking about her new book, Reign of Error, at UW's Kane Hall at 7 p.m.  It should be full so I would advise getting there early.

Diane will be on KUOW at 1 p.m. today.  

- another taskforce meeting on the Mann building from 5-7 p.m.  at JSCEE.  You'd have to call the district to find out which room because it changes.  I am not surprised they are still having these meetings since no one at the district will verify what is happening with that building and its occupants.

- School Board candidate debate at the Vera Project at Seattle Center from 6-8:00 p.m.  My caution here is that it is co-sponsored with City Club by the so-called Our Schools Coalition and the Alliance coached the students who will act as the panel. 


Anonymous said…
I wonder what's on the Mann agenda. Update - have you moved out of the building? No? Oh - OK. We'll ask again next week.

I'd like to see Hamlin Robinson do this. So much easier than applying to be a charter school.

Jamie said…
Tonight is Curriculum Night at my kid's school - so I will appreciate any write ups of any of these events. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Having read over the comments regarding the Mann building, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Hamlin Robinson or a similar program occupied a building if 1)they got broads support from people in the neighborhood and readers of this blog and 2)they were NOT called squatters, thugs, criminals, racists and violent and some of the other choice names I've seen here.

While I support the Mann group's points, I don't think occupying the building in order to keep it will be successful. I DO think, though, that there's an unpleasant undercurrent from some readers/commenters here and on other blogs, about these folks. It reminds me of the photos after Katrina. The white folks were tagged as hauling "supplies" found in local stores. The black folks were tagged as "looters".

Double Standards
Anonymous said…
Mass email today reporting Diane Ravitch has endorsed Sue Peters for school board. A national figure in the local race!

Rory said…
Lets hope Mr. Banda can pull a rabbit out of hat and fix this. Can he make everyone happy and more importantly is he able to get some real movement on the gap? The district knows that the non poor kids are doing better under NSAP and tHe gap can only be eliminated by raising up the rest. If the mainstream communities of color pressure him enough, we could see a real difference.
I too am uncomfortable with the tone used to describe the groups that obstensibly are trying to solve a very serious and pressing problem in some of Seattle's communities. One may disagree with tactics, but the goal, as stated, is highly laudable.
Anonymous said…
Reporting from the School Board Candidate Debate:
Sue Peters, Suzanne Dale Estey and Stephan Blanford had about 50 mins to answer questions from high school debate team members (LaCrese Greene was stuck in a traffic jam and didn't make it).
All 3 seemed prepared for all the questions and gave answers in the given 1 min time allowance... but Sue Peters seemed the best of all: her answers were relevant to the problems that are happening in the Seattle Public Schools RIGHT NOW, and she offered practical solutions to these issues. It really showed that she's been working in SPS for the past 9 years!! Cheers, Sue!!
-SPS mom
mirmac1 said…
Sue will be a GREAT Board Director!

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