Thursday, September 26, 2013

Want to Hang with the Seattle Education Elite?

But you don't have a ballgown for the Alliance's annual Black and Orange Masquerade Ball?  (This year with masks: Don't forget your mask! Creativity and mystery encouraged!)

Relax, you're in luck.   The Alliance needs volunteers to be runners for their auctions (and, if you are good-looking, modeling the auction items on stage), check-in staff, you name it.  

Should be quite the affair (and don't you wonder about what kind of masks you'd see?).  I'll have to ask Superintendent Banda about that.  


Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather shovel dog poop at the local dog park.


Anonymous said...

Was this a serious question? If it was, I agree with the person above picking up dog poop. At least we get a cleaner park.