Arbor Heights Fights Back

This from the West Seattle Blog, a pdf of the Arbor Heights PTSA's Fact Sheet on their school. It's pretty impressive. Arbor Heights appears to be doing well as a neighborhood school - 2nd in first choices for all of SW and second in reference area attendance. From the sheet:

21% for Alki Elementary
29% for Cooper Elementary
32% for Gatewood Elementary
47% for Highland Park Elementary
42% for Lafayette Elementary
26% for Roxhill Elementary
31% for Sanislo Elementary
51% for Schmitz Park Elementary (the only one higher than AH)
36% for West Seattle Elementary

That's a pretty good stat if you are creating an assignment plan that you hope will create neighborhood schools.

West Seattle Blog also reports that APP's advisory board was having a briefing by district staff today. Anyone attend that meeting?


WS said…
Actually I was referring to the APP advisory committee meeting Tuesday night which I described for brevity's sake as including district staff (Dr. Vaughan was supposed to be there) ... whew, just found it again, thought I'd lost the link:
Meeting announcement from APP AC Google Group

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