Data (Part Two)

Here's another interesting piece of data entitled Seattle Public Schools Marketshare: 2000, 2004 and 2009 (only for elementary). Some of these numbers almost seem wrong but here it is in black and white. I'm not going to dissect it; I'll let you all figure out what details are of interest to you.


another mom said…
These tables compile the number of school aged kids by elementary reference area and by grade level groups in those reference areas. The next table tells you how many are enrolled in a Seattle Public School/not necessarily their reference area school, any SPS school. Let me know if I am wrong.

It is interesting stuff and on first glance puts the lack of capacity in the NE in clear focus. there are tons of kids. If the district captured many more from the Bryant reference area,what school could absorb them?
zb said…
I'm confused. Is this document really a census of all of the school kids in the reference area (homeschool, private school, SPS, other public systems?). And if so, how are they counted in the "SPS enrollment."?

where's the document from?

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