Saturday, December 06, 2008

From The Seattle Council PTSA

Are you concerned about education funding in our state? Here’s a way you can get involved today! It’s as easy as a few keystrokes. Important work is being done right now by our elected officials to prepare for the next legislative session. We urge you to take action today by sending an important message to the Governor and your legislators using our Legislative Action center. Follow the link below to our action center. Then scroll over and click on the title “Support Education Funding and Finance Reform”. This is the link to the alert. A preprinted message has been included. You are encouraged to add a personal story as well.

We also strongly encourage you to forward this message with the link to your member and non-member email lists (anyone who supports our message is encouraged to respond)...taking care not to include any government email addresses.

We have set a goal of sending 40,000 emails! That’s right we want 10,000 of you and your friends from every legislative district in the state to send messages to their three legislators and the Governor. The system has already been set up to generate all four, so all you need to do is add just a bit to the one prewritten message. It’s so easy! Try it yourself, then pass it on to a friend. Let’s see what kind of an impact we can make in one week. I will provide updates over the next week so that we can all monitor our progress.


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dan dempsey said...

Education funding....
get ready for Thomas Ahearne of Foster and Pepper and the "NEWS" lawsuit over our state's paramount duty to fund k-12 education.

In NY and Wyoming similar stratagies were successful. The result of a similar win in WA could be in the order of an increase of $4000 per child.

I believe this goes to court in early 2009.