Students Blog about Arbor Heights

I just posted this in a couple of other places, and wanted to share it here:
The third graders in Room Twelve at Arbor Heights have been writing about the proposed closure of our school.

Their articles are grouped together for easy reading, at "Save Arbor Heights". The list of posts is sure to grow, so please bookmark the site and check back later. These young writers would welcome comments from one and all, so feel free to respond to them individually (the blog is totally moderated).

Many thanks,
Mark Ahlness,
teacher, grade 3
In a situation like this current closure crisis, the attention most often given to the kids is a shot of them waving signs, or maybe a ten second TV spot.

Our kids deserve more - a chance to think, plan, and publicly write about what they think. Thanks to the web 2.0 world, we can even give them feedback. I hope people will include them in the conversation. - Mark

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handel said…
I would like to comment that I am a student at nova, and nearly every day since the day after the closure was announced, a group of students at my school have had very intense 3-4 hour meetings and discussions and are going to every single school district meeting about the school closures. Whenever the school district has tried to close down our school (which happens nearly every year, this time we were lucky) the students are the ones hit hardest because we thrive at nova, and experience it firsthand, and therefore are very involved with the parents.
Also I've noticed that kids, more than parents, are able to see why other schools shouldn't be closed and that we should all work together rather than fighting for ourselves.
I hope parents at other schools get their kids involved in the process, and show that their kids need the school as well.

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