Comprehensive list of meetings

I don't know about the rest of all y'all, but I've received a couple of requests for a comprehensive list of all of the upcoming meetings. All of the meetings dates and times we could find are listed on the first page of We are crossing out past ones and adding more as we get them.

If you know of meetings that are not listed, please send them to so we can get them up there, too.

Sabia Becerra
Chair, Summit K-12 Parent Group


Beth Bakeman said…
Thanks, Sabia, and Summit K-12 parents for putting together this list on your site.
jd said…
Sabia -- Is there any favored plan around which Summit families are coalescing? I was expecting a big Summit presence at the community workshop this morning, but it didn't seem like one materialized.
dan dempsey said…
Here is a list of High School math adoption meetings:

The first meeting was on December 4, 2008.

March 12 -- Final recommendations from "Core" committee

March 17 -- Final recommendations from "Advanced" committee

March 18 - 31 -- IMC approves final recommendations

April 8 -- Board work session

April 22 -- Adoption proposed at board meeting

May 6 -- Board vote
jd: There were a few of us there, but we didn't get as much mention as at Thursday's meeting.

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