Questioning the Need For (and Timing of) Closures

Dick Lilly (former School Board member) has published another article questioning the need to close schools, and in particular the timing, making these decisions before the assignment plan policy is finished.

Read Why empty seats are a good thing for Seattle Schools" from Crosscut today.

And then read (or reread) his piece from last week in Crosscut, Seattle's School closure proposal is a really dumb way to make policy.

Both of these articles contain facts, details and arguments that would be useful to anyone who wants to argue against the Preliminary Recommendations for closure and consolidation from a global, rather than school-specific, perspective.


Yup, he makes a lot of good points, the best one being why the closures first and THEN a new assignment plan? (I mean I know the answer but logically, it doesn't make sense.)

I'm glad former director Lily is speaking out.

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