More Hearing Updates

Here is the transcript from last night's hearing at Pinehurst; it was the only one I saw at the Capacity Management website. I myself haven't had time to read it.

Also, here is this message from Bridgett Chander, Director of Communications, for the district about tonight's Genesee Hill meeting:

Dear community members,

We want to thank those of you who have signed up to testify at tonight's public hearing and those who wish to attend. The weather has created concerns about safety, and we send this information to update you about conditions around the Genesee Hill building where the hearing will be held from 6:30-8:30 tonight.

Road conditions this morning lead us to recommend that those who choose to drive to attend the hearing consider carpooling if they can and look for parking along the north shoulder (school side) of Genesee. That road was recently sanded. While there is some remaining ice on the shoulder area, it is much clearer than the south side of Genesee.

The sidewalks and steps into the school building were sanded this morning by SDOT, and staff requested that Dakota and 51st be sanded as well by SDOT since there was ice on both of these side streets. The school playground is CLOSED for your safety because of ice, so please look for parking along Genesee. Metro bus information is available at if taking the bus is a good option for you.

We ask that people enter the building from the corner of 51st and Genesee and follow the signs to the cafeteria where the hearing will be conducted starting at 6:30. Stairs were sanded but can still be slippery, and the entrance from the SW corner near the auditorium doors is flat.

We want our families and staff to be safe, and we also want to hear your input. If you make the decision not to attend tonight, we want you to know that we are reading the emails that come in to as we will also read the transcripts of each public hearing held this week. Transcripts will also be posted to our capacity management web site which you can visit from our home page at

Thank you for your participation in this engagement process as we prepare final recommendations for further public review.




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