Helping SPS Students at a Sad Time

As many of you may have read, last Sunday a 31-year old mother of 3 was stabbed to death in her home, allegedly by her ex-husband (who fled and is still on the run). The three children and their aunt, coming home from church, found her. Those 3 children are Seattle school students - one at Roosevelt, one at McClure and one at TT Minor. Looking at the situation, they are effectively orphans (but, of course, are now being cared for by family).

A benevolent fund has been set up at Washington Mutual for these children under their mother's name, Noemi Lopez. Deposits can be made at any branch; tell them it's a benevolent account as it is listed differently than other accounts.

I know it is shocking and sad to read about and we can all only imagine the pain of loss they are going through. If you bank at WaMu or happen to be going by a branch, could you please consider making a $5 or $10 donation to show support for these students who go to our public schools?



Beth Bakeman said…
You can also donate using PayPal from a link on the Rainier Valley Post blog, TEXT. The Rainier Valley Post editor, Amber Campbell, was Noemi Lopez's neighbor.

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