What Do You ThinK?

I had been all set to write a thread about Arne Duncan, Obama's pick for Sec'y of Education. Or I was going to write about assignment issues that are cropping up because of the proposed moves/closures. Or if they will try to reschedule the public hearings/meetings the district canceled tonight for next week.

But...are we all tired? I can actually go either way (but I'm such a newshound that I'll keep up whether I blog or not).

I was just thinking that maybe if all the bloggers here said there's going to be a week furlough that everyone could take a break and not even look at the site. (And I haven't even asked Beth if this is okay. Beth?)

But I'm listening to Joni Mitchell singing "River" and looking at the snow and wishing for good things for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and people struggling financially and mostly, from our point of view, some decent resolutions to the problems in our district so we can just send our children to school and not give it a second thought (except for how to pay for college).


ashley said…
off topic... but here's another local seattlite performing "River."

seattle citizen said…
Uh, Ashley? There's no link to this mysterious "River" performance...

Melissa, I concur with your suggestion for a wee break. I'm leaving town for a week, and I know that you and Beth and Charlie and other regular contributors have been working doubly hard lately. It's holiday time; I think a break is a good idea.

I wish you all the very best, and look forward to carrying on conversations in the near future.
Free said…
You guys certainly deserve a break! How about an open thread?
Beth Bakeman said…
Yes, Mel, that's totally fine. I'm happy to take a break from work, school, and blogging.

Happy holidays to everyone!
ashley said…


enjoy your break,

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