Check This Out - New BEX Website

Tracy over at the West Seattle Blog alerted me to this new BEX website. It's...beautiful. Its layout is pleasing and there's an interactive timeline. I wish the entire SPS website looked like this.

Sadly, they refuse to actually acknowledge what is happening with some projects (Ingraham delayed because of tree problem, South Shore about a month behind schedule, etc.) but I give them credit for an attractive website with information, schedules and photos.


snaffles said…
Ilike the new website too. But it does leave a lot of questions, especially concerning Ingraham. Did anyone attend the public meeting on November 18th?

It was quite a Pep Rally by the principal and students. Explaining how the treehuggers are keeping the students in moldy, leaky, cold portables and a math modular building.

Why weren't the portables and math modular replaced when the fields were built or the Science and Library were upgraded? According to the teacher's and students at the pep rally the deplorable conditions have been going on for years.

Where is the health department? Isn't mold considered a risk factor that even landlords in Seattle have to fix?

The meetings regarding the Ingraham project go back a lot further than the ones listed on the web. Except some of the notes have been changed since the treehuggers learned how to use computers.

The gulf between treehugger and school board is getting wider. Who is going to bridge this gap? The meeting on the 18th made people really angry. I understand that the political groups questioning 1st amendment rights and the abuse of power from an administrator have joined the treehuggers. I wonder why?
Regarding the meeting on the 18th, the following site has a few comments:
North End Mom said…
To "save the trees" thanks for providing that link. It was a very good summary of the meeting. I was there. I think that everyone there was in agreement that the faculty and students of Ingraham should never have been exposed to the conditions they have been dealing with for so many years. It it inexcusable.

I went so that I could learn more about the issue and perhaps learn exactly why alternative sites for the expansion were deemed inappropriate. I'm still very much in the dark about that. There was no detailed cost analyses or alternative plans shown, just a lot of hand-waiving from some of the "experts" who spoke.

I left feeling very sad about many things, the inevitable loss of a valuable environmental treasure, the apparent lack of compassion on the part of the student population for the environment, the loss of a great deal of SPS funds that could have been avoided had the project been better managed in the initial planning steps, but most of all, those kids were obviously manipulated. Many were applauding the students for "their bravery," but it was clear that someone from "above" was setting the agenda. When they started chanting "Yes We Can" I thought I was going to puke.

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