TT Minor transcript

Here is a link to the TT Minor Public Hearing transcript. I was pretty impressed with the remarks and feel sad for this neighborhood that lost MLK and now may lose TT Minor. One remark that you may want to know about is that there is a meeting to discuss schools in the area.

It was hard to understand from the transcript but it appears there is a meeting at noon, at Garfield, on Saturday. I would check with TT Minor parents or at Garfield before you go.


Megan Mc said…
Why did the TT Minor speakers have to give their street address? We didn't have to do that at AS#1 Pinehurst. Did they do that at the other public meetings?
uxolo said…
After reading the transcript and listening to one of the speakers last night, TT MInor's low enrollment is clearly a function of district mismanagement. The neighborhood needs this building to remain open. The success of the school is fantastic.

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