Actual Dismissal Dates for Last Day of School

Okay, so I now have it clear about the last day(s) of school for SPS students.  It has been a challenge for all involved, especially Communications, as (1) the info for them changed over two days and (2) the website coordinators have not kept up and there is differing information right on the SPS homepage. 

Here's the correct info right off the webpage from Communications:

Tuesday, June 21 - Last Day of School for Elementary and K-8 Students with a one-hour early dismissal
Thursday, June 23 - Last Day of School for Middle and High School Students with a one-hour early dismissal


Tuesday, June 21st, all elementary, K-8 and middle schools will have a one-hour early dismissal (except Aki Kurose which will stay on its regular schedule).   Even though the middle schools are releasing one hour early that day, it is NOT their last day of school.

High schools will release on a normal schedule on Tuesday EXCEPT for Chief Sealth and West Seattle which will also release one hour early.

I have never seen such weirdness for the last day of school.


SP said…
From the district's 6/14 email to families:

"However, to ensure all of our schools meet the required number of instructional hours, there will be no early dismissal for our middle and high schools on Thursday, June 23."

So, once again the WA state requirements of instructional hours are blatently ignored with the change to early releases on June 23rd. You would think they could have figured this out last winter after the snow days messed up the schedules.

It's really interesting that the district even acknowledges the existance of an instructional hour requirement at all, as often it is totally ignored (ie "late start days" missed for 7th & 8th graders this year, unlimited early releases in middle school and high schools for site-based professional development (as much as 32 this year!), stay home days for all non-test takers in high school, passing time & "20 minute 2nd breakfasts" included in instructional time, etc).
Chris S. said…
When you think about what does on in the last hour of the last day (yearbook signing) it would seem silly to keep them in for that hour. However, the fact that missing an extra hour on Tuesday is being required by transportation IS a little unfortunate. I don't know what I suggest, but I suspect if they had begun thinking about the logistics of make-up snow days right after they occurred, a better solution might have been found.
Charlie Mas said…
It continues to astonish me that Seattle Public Schools runs dangerously close to missing the state-required 150 hours of planned instruction for each high school credit.

On one hand, you wouldn't believe what is included in that "planned instruction" time. It includes the passing time between classes. It includes the days spent on standardized tests. It includes unstructured study hours or personal reading time at some schools.

On the other hand, the school year is supposed to be 180 days long.

Yet, amazingly, despite being given every advantage, the District has trouble hitting the 150 hour requirement. Remarkable.
Anonymous said…
Instructional days. OH Please!! Our ES checked out 3 weeks ago. It has been pretty much non stop fieldtrips, assemblies, school wide events, fun class days, computer games, etc. And they want to get serious on attendance compliance. Of course my kids love school, it has been non stop play this month.

-Monday Blues
Anonymous said…
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wsnorth said…
Yeah, what happened to water balloon fights and everyone skips out at lunch!?
Diane said…
and don't forget the 3 annoying auto-dialer calls just to be sure we understood each change! (which i don't dare opt out of, less I might miss a last minute snow day alert that PR neglected to get out to TV/radio)

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