Friday, May 18, 2012

Banda Visit to Arbor Heights

From our friends over at the West Seattle blog, a story and video of soon-to-be Superintendent Banda talking geography to a student.  He shows the student on a map where his own son is - in Taiwan teaching English to students there - and they had a good chat.

Good start to building those relationships he was talking about at the School Board meeting.


Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with what I saw in Mr. Banda during the school tour. He had a warm smile, welcoming and calming presence and showed a genuine interest in the students he met and interacted. It was an exciting day for the Arbor Heights Community to welcome him to Seattle!

~AH Parent

Anonymous said...

Interesting, AH Parent. Your post makes me recall -- one of the initial things that "bothered" me about MGJ -- from day 1 -- was that she never seemed warm and authentic around parents and kids. It always seemed a little forced. So glad that era is over.