Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Downtown Shooter Likely in West Seattle

Be alert and aware.  

The car the downtown shooter car-jacked has been found in West Seattle, reportedly at 30th and Genesee.

The woman he shot downtown has died from her injuries.

Police are advising residents to stay in their homes or businesses.

Brian Rosenthal at the Times says police are saying, especially to Roosevelt parents, do NOT come and get your children.  They are safe and it would complicate matters.

There is nothing at the SPS website yet and no media update so I have nothing to report from the district.


Someone said...

Other media (including a Ravenna blog) saying Green Lake & Eckstein on a lockdown as well.

Times quoting SPS
Roosevelt High, less than half a mile away from the shooting, has been locked down while two other nearby schools, Eckstein Middle and Green Lake Elementary were operating as usual but locked all of their doors as a precaution.

At Roosevelt, all of the doors were locked and all of the lights were turned off.

Teresa Wippel, a school district spokeswoman, said she wasn't sure if any students were in danger. An elementary school class from Granite Falls was visiting Roosevelt for the day, she said.

School officials are urging parents not to pick up their students.

"Nobody should come anywhere near that neighborhood right now," Wippel said.

mirmac1 said...

SPS says Sealth, Denny, Lafayette, Pathfinder in "shetler in place" because of shooting suspect car found in north delridge