Thursday, May 31, 2012

SPS Family Survey to Start June 5th

From SPS Communications:

Hearing from our families, staff, and students is critical to our efforts to improve education for every student. School climate surveys are given each spring to all students, school staff, and families in the district. We are gathering information about learning environments at our elementary, middle and high schools, including student engagement, academic rigor, discipline and safety, and family involvement. Results of these surveys will help inform how we support each students’ academic success and can be found online here http://bit.ly/school_reports.

The family survey will be administered starting June 5 via the district's automated SchoolMessenger system, which will allow families to provide feedback by touch-tone phone response or an online web survey sent by e-mail.

SchoolMessenger Calendar for Family Survey

There will be two opportunities to take the survey by phone. Phone calls at 6 p.m. on:

• June 5 and June 12: Elementary schools families with children in Grades K-5*

• June 6 and June 13: Middle school families with children in Grades 6-8*

• June 7 and June 14: High school families with children in Grades 9-12

(* includes K-8 schools)

Important: Some families may receive more than one phone call. For example, if a family has one child in high school and another child in middle school, they will receive two separate calls.

Follow-up rounds: The District will resend the Web version of the survey to all families that did not respond in the first two rounds by either phone or Web. The final email will be sent on June 15. All surveys close on June 20.

Languages: The family survey will be offered in English, Spanish, Chinese, Somali, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Amharic and Tigrigna.

If you have questions about the family surveys, please contact Nicole VanVoorhis at njvanvoorhis@seattleschools.org.


mirmac1 said...

Off-topic, I know, but this is giving me heartburn and the giggles at the same time. Apparently, "old-time" Seattle photos are for sale on Ebay (why? to pay for the basic education?) In any case, this photo is labeled "1978 Black John" (?!). It reminds of that popular poster of a momma giraffe giving her baby its first kiss...

Maureen said...

Re Climate Surveys: I can't wait to see how they turn out for TOPS this year! (IMHO) BiHoa Caldwell and Sarah Morningstar have been a fantastic administrative team. I looked back through the surveys for the past two years and saw that many of our numbers were still strong over that period, but I'm expecting a big bump up in anything that had to do with admin.

(Still am puzzled as to why the '09 TOPS surveys were never posted--I contacted three levels up two years ago, but no one ever took responsibility and they still aren't posted.)

anon said...

Is there any way for families to respond to these surveys anonymously? Staff gets to use paper and great care is taken to make sure the responses are anonymous to all. The district has failed on several counts in recent years with regards to anonymity.

Anyone still reading this thread?