Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Seattle Times Wants a Conversation

In an editorial published today, "A worthwhile conversation about charter schools", the Seattle Times calls for a conversation on charter schools. Maybe this time they mean it.

So, once again, I have reserved a space on the blog for the Seattle Times to engage in that conversation.

This space is just for the Seattle Times. All other comments will be deleted. I am ready to have an honest discussion about charter schools. Are they? I sure hope so, since they are the ones calling for the conversation.

Here is the space for the conversation they wanted. Let's see if they have the courage and conviction to show up.

UPDATE: The Seattle Times, it turns out, does NOT want a conversation about charter schools.

Tweet from Lynne Varner:
charlie_mas Sorry Charlie, I'm already in a convo w/ tens of thousands thru . Works fine. You follow my every utterance.
Of course, the Seattle Times Opinion page is not a conversation at all. Lynne Varner doesn't want a conversation because she isn't interested in what anyone else has to say.

Once again, the Seattle Times refuses to participate in any kind of discussion in which other people get to talk.

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