Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Open Thread

Noticed the ads have come up.  I had to smile - one of the first ones was for charter school information.  I've deleted that category.

What's on your mind?


StopTFA said...

The ads are fine. Minimally intrusive (I hate the ones that float onto the screen and cover up the part you are just about to read).

Here's another blog some may find interesting.

Occupy TFA

sps grad and mom said...

The Nova Project is hosting Farmfest this afternoon from 1:00-7:00 p.m. on the Nova campus at 20th Ave E and E Republican. Hopefully outside, will move inside if raining.

Organic plant starts from the Farm class (horticulture to those outside the Nova community!), performances, activities, food and more. Should be lots of fun, and the Farm class has worked hard to get this ready!

StopTFA said...

BTW, I have taken an interest in the public records relating to Renton Public Schools, Superintendent Heuschel, and a possible partnership with TFA.

Should be interesting.

Patrick said...

I'm not seeing the ads. I guess Firefox is blocking them.

Karin Brookes said...

Charter school ads still coming up ...

Karin Brookes said...

Charter school ads still coming up ...

Maureen said...

I followed the "Ad Choices" link that was below the list of ad links which included the charter school link. That let me choose the categories of ads I was willing to see. I asked not to see Education K-12 ads and the charter school ads went away. (I'm using Google Chrome) Hope that helps.

I don't mind the ads. I'm glad you are getting some compensation for your time.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe you can edit your ad preferences.

"While Google often shows you ads based on the content of the page you are viewing, we also show some ads based on the types of websites you visit, view, or where you interact with an ad or other Google product supported by Google's advertising services."

click on Ad Choices


Anonymous said...

Ads okay with me, too, except those that blare out at you. I have twelve windows open and suddenly one of them blares out - totally annoying.

Add a tip jar and see what happens. Can't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, Sandy Husk must've passed up that other job opening because there's not a peep about it in the Salem newspapers. There IS word of closing schools and leasing one to a charter, eight furlough days for teachers, yadda yadda. Yeah, she would've been another Alliance sweetheart.


SeattleSped said...

Remember, tomorrow afternoon is the Board Work Session on Special Education. 4-5:30pm 5/30, JSCEE auditorium. Be there or continue to be ignored!

Anonymous said...

Charter school ads still there. Kinda funny.

-Downside to monetizing

Anonymous said...

People, if you see charter school ads it's because you have cookies from sites that discuss schools, including charter schools.

Yeah, I'm gonna pick my kid's school by looking at their advertising.


Anonymous said...


Charter ads or maybe some TFA job
postings for Seattle region. Funny !

Public School Parent

Anonymous said...

I love the ads! Quite a chuckle this morning. Keep the charter ones there. It supports your case wonderfully. I have long dreamed of supporting anti-reform activity off money from the profiteers, and congratulations, you have done it!

Chris S.

mirmac1 said...

Yes, I'm sure they are like the University of Pheonix or whatever, that spend nearly 50% of their money on marketing.

Anonymous said...

Remember the hit piece on The seattle school board last week by the US Chamber of Commerce?

The one the Seattle Times was happy to point out in its editorial?

The one in which anonymous "sources" (cough Business Community or Paid Ed Reformers cough) said how bad the new board members are?

Well, today the New York Times calls out the same US Chamber of Commerce as a partisan organization working to subvert campaign disclosure rules. Nice group, that Chamber. We need its input into Seattle schools like a hole in the head.


Sahila said...

for those who are naive enough to still believe the lies that all of this charter school stuff isnt about money:

White Hat Management nears ONE BILLION DOLLARS in charter school funding in Ohio

Watching said...

Rumor: Washington State Voters Guide will not be updated. Trying to confirm.

Speechless said...

Has anyone looked at the calendar for the next academic year?
We have a shortened mid-winter break (I thought we were no longer going to have one)
and we have an extra day off for Memorial weekend.

February 15-18*
Mid-Winter Break - (Revised break schedule in 2012-13)

April 15-19*
Spring Break

May 24-27*
Memorial Day Holiday

Anonymous said...

I just got an email that says the school board is giving $125,000 to McDonald Internation Middle School to fund 2.5 IAs for their language immersion program.

I'm curious if anyone on this blog is familiar with the situation. I keep hearing the district and board has no money, but I keep seeing lots of money going into McDonald.

With so many schools really struggling, is this the best use of limited funds?


Melissa Westbrook said...

Fey, could you forward me that e-mail (sss.westbrook@gmail.com).

McDonald was trying to raise $300k so they would have foreign language IAs, I believe for all K-2(or 3) classes. They may have fallen short.

But this was discussed at C&I and Sherry Carr asked Duggan Harmon and he said they did NOT have to fund the IAs nor does the district require them.

It this is true, then it is very sad.

Look, when they started down this foreign language immersion road, it would have been nice for someone in administration/management to say, "it's going to take X amount of dollars EVERY year." It's not just start-up costs.

Yes, I think this is not what we should be spending money on right now and I would be disappointed to find out this is true.

Anonymous said...

MAP testing again - our 9 year old had questions on Shakespeare and Twain (and showed zero growth from the previous test). Is it fair to judge the teacher based on this lack of growth? Discuss.


Whattime? said...

Have final bell times been set for next year?

Maureen said...

Re MAP, my 8th grader was asked exactly the same math question twice on the same test (out of fewer than 50 Qs). Also her computer flaked in and out during the test and she's pretty sure she ended up skipping at least one Q.

On Language Arts, she read exactly the same sonnets (Shakespeare) she has had for the last three years, but thinks maybe she was asked different Qs about them. Her friend got the same poems, but had exactly the same Qs about one of them twice on the same exam.

She has learned so much from her teachers this year, but I doubt those exams will measure any of it.