Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From the Washington State PTA:

Know someone who is 18 or will be soon?  Encourage them to register to vote.
This year, many high school students can help elect the president, the governor, the whole state House of Representatives, half the state Senate, and more. Encourage 17- and 18-year-olds to register to vote in the upcoming primaries and general elections. 

Voter registration information

ELIGIBILITY: In Washington State, a person:
* Must be a United States citizen
* Must be at least 18 years old on or before election day
* Must have lived in Washington State for 30 days prior to the election (exceptions apply to military and overseas voters)
* Must not maintain a registration in two or more counties or states or with two or more names
* Must not be a convicted felon without restored civil rights
You cannot be denied voting rights for being subject to guardianship

·       The primary is August 7
·       The general election is November 6

You can register while 17 but must be 18 on or before Election Day. If you register online, you can choose “college student” or “military” options, which allow you to vote for your local, home officials but receive your mail-in ballot at a different location. 

Election Day: Tuesday, August 7
* Online deadline for new voters or address changes, Monday, July 9
* In-person deadline for new Washington voters, Monday, July 30

Election: Tuesday, November 6
* Online deadline for new voters or address changes, Monday, October 8
* In-person deadline for new Washington voters, Monday, October 29

In any election, voters can register online up to 29 days prior to Election Day, or in person up to 8 days prior to Election Day.

Register today, as the online deadline is July, 9 and it comes up fast. For more information and a flyer, go to the WA State  PTA website.


Steve said...

Thanks Melissa. I wanted to add that if a student doesn't have a home, he or she can still register to vote in King County. You can read more about voter registration in general at the County elections web site.

For someone experiencing homelessness, here's what you can do to register to vote:

Non-traditional residential addresses/homeless voters

The Washington Constitution doesn’t require a "residence" as a condition of voting as long as a person meets all other registration requirements. (Article VI Section1)

Voters who lack a traditional residential address can register at the shelter, park, motor home, intersection or other identifiable location they consider their residence. This location will be used to determine which precinct they will vote in. (RCW 29A.08.112 effective 2005)

Along with your residential address, you must also provide a valid mailing address. An accurate, valid mailing address is essential in order to receive ballots and election information on time. This can include a post office box, address of a friend or relative, shelter, or general delivery at a local post office.

Charlie Mas said...

And young men who turn 18 are still required to register with the
Selective Service.