Friday, May 18, 2012

YMCA Summer Camps

 Note: if you are a teacher or counselor who wants to nominate a worthy student and worry about the fee, please contact me at sss.westbrook@gmail.com.  I'll be glad to try to help.

From the Mayor's Office:

YMCA B.O.L.D. - Boys Outdoor Leadership Development is offering teachers, counselors or any professional youth worker the opportunity to award scholarships for our summer Mountain School.  Our 6 - 22 day backpacking, rock climbing, goofing off, fishing, mountaineering and outdoor photography expeditions provide an opportunity for young men 10 - 18 years of age to develop communication, decision making and multi-cultural leadership skills through outdoor adventure, challenge and fun!  Information on our exceptional summer programs can be found in  this brochure or at  ymcaleadership.org

Currently B.O.L.D. has 45 scholarships left for young men 10 – 18.  These scholarships are on a first come first serve basis and must be awarded before the final deadline on May 25th.  Please note that free rental of all equipment and outdoor clothing is included in this scholarship.

To award a scholarship for 92% ($450 or $625) off the cost of a summer expedition follow these three simple steps:
2) Have your student pick a trip from  this brochure and fill out the application form or sign up online at  ymcaleadership.org.  A $25 deposit from the family is required. 
3) Mail or fax forms to Robin Chiles, Admissions Director at the address on the form.  Your student will then receive this scholarship!

There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can award.  Once all scholarships have been awarded students will be placed on a waiting list. For students who do not qualify for this scholarship assistance is available via  this financial aid form.

Questions? Call 206.587.6119 or reply to this email.

Space is available on the following trips:

Mt. Olympus: Ice, Snow and Mountain Climbing 
7/5–7/15 (5 SPOTS LEFT!!) 
Ages: 14–17 
$50 after scholarship
Mt. Olympus, the mythic home of the gods, is a high and icy fortress in the heart of the Olympic Mountains. This expedition will attempt to climb this peak, the highest in the range. To do so you will learn ice climbing and snow climbing, how to travel on glaciers and how to work competently as a team. This is the most challenging expedition at BOLD. Long days, big mountains, terrible weather. Glory upon return!

Canadian Rockies: Backpacking, Mountain Climbing & Leadership
8/12–8/26 (1 SPOT LEFT!)
Ages: 13–18 
$50 after scholarship
The challenge, glory and beauty of the Canadian Rockies come together on this exciting mountaineering adventure! You will venture high into the heart of British Columbia to explore the legendary peaks of Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park and work with veteran climbing guides to learn the skills necessary to travel competently in the mountains. As the journey progresses you will have an opportunity to summit peaks, learn how to rock climb and develop the multi-cultural leadership skills necessary to thrive in college and beyond. This trip has the most mountain climbing and is one of the most physically challenging expeditions BOLD offers, but also one of the most rewarding. Do you have what it takes? Birth certificate and photo ID required to cross the border.


The Great Volcano: Backpacking and Photography in the shadow of Mt Rainier  
 7/28—8/4 (3 SPOTS LEFT!!)
Ages: 11–13 
$35 after scholarship
For this expedition we sought out the most beautiful trails with the most stunning photo opportunities and added good food, talented photography instructors and quality cameras. Your journey will take you along the northern slope of Mt Rainier as you hike through alpine meadows full of wild flowers, shimmering alpine lakes, dramatic waterfalls and majestic views of this great volcano. Along the way you will learn techniques for taking quality photos and video and capture images to share with your friends and family at home. This is introductory backpacking in one of the most spectacular places on earth.

Fishing & Backpacking in the North Cascades 
Ages: 11 to 13: 7/15–22 (1 SPOT LEFT!!)  (or) 8/25–9/1 (8 SPOTS LEFT!!)
Ages: 13 to 17: 6/30–7/7 (1 SPOT LEFT!!) (or) 7/15–22 (2 SPOTS LEFT!!)
$35 after scholarship
High in the Cascade Mountains is a land of clear mountain lakes full of fish, meadows filled with wildflowers and snowcapped peaks. The North Cascades National Park will be your classroom as you learn the basics of backpacking and fishing. You will hike through old growth forests, cool off in Ross Lake, fish for trout in mountain streams, and develop your leadership skills in workshops and in practice as you manage the team for a day. After taking on the challenge of the wilderness you will know you can overcome any obstacle placed before you.

Olympic Coastal Hiking and Goofing Off 
7/8-15 (5 SPOTS LEFT!!)
Ages: 11–13 
$35 after scholarship
This journey is simply magic! A land of barking seals, massive trees, and constant waves—the Olympic coast and the Pacific Ocean make the perfect classroom for this backpacking and goofing off expedition. You will start in the rain forest and hike down the beach, where you may see eagles and seals and explore tide-pools filled with marine life. You will camp each night just above the beach, body surf in the waves, watch dramatic sunsets and share stories around a campfire. You also will be faced with fun challenges such as driftwood fort building and raft construction, capture the flag, and camouflage. No outdoor experience needed.

Desolation Peak: Hiking and Mountain Climbing 
7/21–28 (8 SPOTS LEFT!!) (or) 8/19–26 (8 SPOTS LEFT!!)
Ages: 11–13 
$35 after scholarship
Deep in the heart of Ross Lake is the legendary fire lookout of Desolation Peak. Famous poets, authors, explorers and outlaws have taken shelter here. To reach the summit you will hike the shores of Ross Lake, swim, goof off and explore clear waters and secret coves and hike to the top of the mountain to find amazing views from the top of the world. This is the most introductory mountain climbing expedition BOLD offers and your perfect first summit. Some days will be hard, but standing victoriously on top of it all you will know it was worth it.

Call of the North Cascades: Hiking & Goofing Off
7/29–8/3 (2 SPOTS LEFT!!) (or) 8/25–30 (7 SPOTS LEFT!!)
Ages: 10–12 
$35 after scholarship
The North Cascades have drawn many great explorers, mountaineers, smugglers, fishermen and poets with their high alpine meadows, huge clear lakes and stunning mountain peaks. Be the next to explore this wonderland as part of this backpacking and goofing off expedition. You will start in the National Park and hike (with a backpack) down to Ross Lake, where you may see eagles and falcons, catch fish in the clear waters and share stories and marshmallows around the campfire. You also will be faced with fun challenges such as fort building, capture the flag, mafia and camouflage. No outdoor experience needed—this is introductory backpacking.

Rock Climbing and Hiking in the San Juan Islands
7/22–27 (5 SPOTS LEFT!!) (or) 8/13–18 (6 SPOTS LEFT!!)
Ages: 10–12
$35 after scholarship
15,000 years ago massive glaciers a mile thick tore through Washington scraping deep gashes into the earth that became the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound. This expedition climbs the rocks and mountains they left behind. Your journey will explore Fidalgo Island where you will learn rock climbing on the cliffs of Mount Erie, hike to hidden lakes and beautiful beaches and camp on the shores of Whidbey Island. This is our most introductory rock climbing expedition and the perfect opportunity for you to challenge yourself and learn how to achieve the impossible!


Kate Martin said...

My younger son did the BOLD program twice - once 2 weeks in the Cascades and once 2 weeks in the Olympics. I highly recommend it. -Kate

Anonymous said...

melissa - it looks like there is a girls' program, too (GOLD). is the gold program full or something? i guess i can also just call on monday... thanks. elg