Monday, May 14, 2012

The Domino Video

I can't resist - fun watching dominoes falling AND a scientific explanation.  Show the kids. 

The scientist in the video references taller dominoes videos - here's the world record for toppling dominoes.


Josh Hayes said...

It's a powerful video - and of course, an obvious lead-in to the idea of small changes having larger impacts, and stringing together several small changes can have a huge impact "in the end", as it were.

And the science itself is pretty cool, lending itself to talking about earthquake impacts on built structures and so on. Lots of good stuff this hooks into.

(Yes, yes, societies aren't dominoes, I know. Don't rain on my metaphorical parade.)

Greg Linden said...

Very cool, Melissa, thanks for sharing this!

Freight Agent said...

Is the first domino a real domino or was it made just for this??? Great video!