Seattle Schools Board Meeting on Interim Plan

I will be trying to live blog (iPad is not making it easy) from the meeting.  The Board is just finishing up a Work Session on the Budget.

Well, this is interesting.  In the handout from Pegi McEvoy, it states that they need $1M for  "kitchen remodel and other necessary facilities upgrades from BTA III balance fund."  What the heck is this?  And they need $112k for a planning principal for JA Middle School (fine) but then $920,000 for mitigation and support for the JA Middle School 6th grade rollup fro General Funds.

We need to take nearly $1M from our General Fund for this effort.  Wow, that's a lot of money.

Ah, so I asked Pegi McEvoy.  That kitchen remodel is for JA's kitchen because they are moving from a K-8 to a middle school. (How much different is a K-8 kitchen versus a middle school kitchen?)

She also said yes, they had gone back and forth and yes, ther was no assurance that all the APP students that might go to Hamilton will actually go there.

Public Testimony was quiet.  A couple of people did not show up.  Only one person supports the opening of the JA Middle School (but when the deal is in the bag why the need?).

Carr to amend the agenda to withdraw amendment one from Director Carr.  Her comment is that this was from previous meeting and since the rec has changed they don't need it.

Pegi McEvoy is speaking now.  "Sets the stage for long-term capacity management"  "Must balance issues."  "predictability in assignment while providing choice"

Reviewed school enrollment projections.   Considered conservative numbers so as to not overstaff buildings.

Originally, thought Bryant might need more support.  Worried about APP Hamilton growth.  Not anticipating any high school projections growing.

Going over enrollment changes (Tracy Libros is on vacation so Ms McEvoy is doing it.)

Now going over JA MS and who would go there.

Budget Director said the portables could cost (depending on which plan you pick) between $250K to over $2M out of capital funds.  (No wonder we never get ahead on the backlogged maintenance.)  This is about a 5-year amount.

Smith-Blum asked for any questions from directors.

Martin-Morris - reflect additional portables at JA?
Morello - not for intermediate planning.

Peaslee - Difference between two plans presented by staff to Board?
McEvoy - would reduce one classroom at Hamilton but Hamilton will still need 4 more classrooms.   For Eckstein, if we start roll-up we assume we will get 30 from Hamilton to Eckstein to about 1300 at Eckstein.  ABout 150 students at 6th grade roll-out and reduce Eckstein to 1150.
(This is verbatim.)  There's only 30 5th graders at Laurelhurst that would end up at Eckstein?  Hard to believe.

Peaslee - fiscal analysis
Paperman -don't have the spreadsheets and this is just a summary on the screen.


Benjamin Leis said…
So 2+ Million total to do the rollup this year? (God do we need an auditor with some teeth in the district)

Anonymous said…
Melissa since you are at the meeting, could you let staff/board know on behalf of those of us who can't make it downtown that the streaming function via our pcs does not seem to be working? Perhaps staff could see what is going on? Then again it could be a problem at my end? I guess others on this thread could doublecheck?

Thank you.

In Enrollment Hell and Eager To Hear Board
Anonymous said…
Nevermind. Streaming must have started late. Thank You.

In Enrollment Hell and Eager To Hear Board
Anonymous said…
Are the boundaries for Sac, Olympic Hills and John Rogers changing too? Do we know what the definite boundaries are for JA MS?
Anonymous said…
"Paperman -don't have the spreadsheets and this is just a summary on the screen."


FGS, what do the District think they're playing at? A teddy bear's picnic?

--Maple Leaf Mama
Portables somewhere between 250k and 2m, why the huge gap?. No financial details, seriously. Is Banda listening to this with a straight face?
Quite the straight face.
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