CPPS Announces First Mayoral Forum

From the press release:

Community & Parents for Public Schools (CPPS) Seattle announces the first mayoral election season forum discussing Seattle public education: "Focus on Students, Families, Communities: The CPPS 2013 Mayoral Education Forum."

The forum will take place April 30th in the Garfield High School Commons. CPPS will hold its annual meeting from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The 90-minute forum will take place from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

All mayoral candidates who filed prior to March 15th have indicated they will attend.

Community & Parents for Public Schools (CPPS) of Seattle is a citywide network of parents and community members working as one to ensure quality public schools for all Seattle children. It is known for its ability to foster authentic grassroots engagement in the public school system. Instead of lobbying for adoption of its own education philosophies, it works to train parents to effectively advocate for their own students and community needs within Seattle Public Schools.

“Public education for ages 3-to-23 is a daily topic of interest and urgency in classrooms, dining rooms and board rooms throughout Seattle,” said CPPS of Seattle Executive Director Stephanie Jones. “As the leader of Seattle in the coming four years -- a time of predicted continued city growth and public school enrollment but also constrained financial resources for students -- Seattle’s next mayor will play an important role in directing the education conversation.

“We know the mayoral candidates will spend election season engaging education groups representing disparate constituencies,” said Jones. “But CPPS of Seattle is pleased to lead this initial evening of broad, candid discussion focusing on questions directly from parents and community partners. These are crucial partners with teachers in the education of this city’s students, and this forum illustrates the importance of grassroots, individual citizen involvement in charting a course for Seattle’s public schools.”

CPPS offered a similar, successful forum for the broad field of Seattle School Board candidates in the 2011 election cycle. The format will be community-generated questions posed to a subset of candidates attending. During the last portion of the forum, candidates will have the opportunity to address forum attendees in a small-group format.

For more information on CPPS, see http://cppsofseattle.org or send email to contact@cppsofseattle.org.

End of press release.

A big thank you to CPPS for getting out in front and getting these candidates together to sit down and talk education.  It's a huge topic for our city (even as the Mayor only has a bully pulpit).

 As well, you may have heard that SPD Chief Diaz is stepping down.  How police interact with the schools and students and treat safety around our schools is part of any chief's job.  Indications are that McGinn will do the gracious thing and appoint an interim chief so whoever wins the mayoral race can do their own search.


Watching said…

Someone might want to ask Staadecker why he thinks it is a good idea to be part of a program that tracks our children's personal and identifiable information until 2020. Why does he support such an effort that would not allow parents to opt out?

Here is the MOU with CCER:
mirmac1 said…
Good Question Watching!

I have relied upon my parent prerogative to keep this ed reform BS OFF my kid. Seems that has been taken away from me. They are making private school the only safe haven... Despicable.

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