Special Education Op-Ed

This op-ed by Mary Griffin on disproportionate discipline of Special Ed students appeared in the Seattle Times this weekend (I haven't read it because I don't have a subscription and I maxed out my monthly reading).  

Another link related to this piece are here (the Special Ed Advocacy & Advisory Council webpage).


mirmac1 said…
For those of you who wisely do not subscribe to the Times:

Griffin-Op-Ed Disproportionate discipline of special education students
Anonymous said…
The Times paywall is easy to breach. I use Adblock Plus to block the popups, then when the paywall clicks ibn, I clear my cookies and cache, refresh the page, and I'm good to go. Nobody should pay them a nickel, because nobody is obliged to.

-- Ivan Weiss
Unknown said…
Thanks, Melissa and mirmac1.

I had sort of hoped that with the paywall, the horribly racist and overtly discriminatory troll comments at the Times would lessen. From what I can tell about the comments on my piece, that is apparently not the case. Apparently troll commenters are paying for the privilege to write their dreck.
Bravo, Mary - good piece.
mirmac1 said…
Ah, Mary. Unfortunately, that is to be expected. Thanks for your hard work. Now to get someone at SPS, like Mr Banda, interested in equitable access for our kids (and I don't mean access to detention).
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jet City mom said…
If you delete your cookies for the times, you can read the articles again.
Anonymous said…
@ Mary:

The trolls and racists who infest the Times' comment threads aren't paying a nickel to do it. They just clear their cookies and their cache, like I said in my previous comment. Thanks for the column.

-- Ivan Weiss
Unknown said…
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