Thursday, April 18, 2013

Washington State Charter School Update

Back down to 12 school districts applying to be charter authorizers as yesterday Eastmont School district in Wenatchee dropped out.  From The Wenatchee World:

“I think this isn’t the time,” said Steve Piccirillo..

“We don’t have the time, staff or money,” said Annette Eggers. Both are members of the five person school board.

“It seems like an awful lot of work to become an authorizer when they have the option not to go to us. If we were more in control of our destiny, I would support it,” said board member Chris Gibbs. 

No kidding.  It's a big job to even apply and I can see where smaller districts might not even want to try.

Superintendent Garn Christensen said the district wasn’t advocating a charter school as much as wanting to have the option of involvement in any plans to start a local charter school.

“We wanted to keep the door unlocked if this is something we want to pursue. We want to be involved in the review,” Christensen said. 

But operators of such a school would have the option of bypassing the district and asking for approval of a statewide commission, he said. And the extensive application would take up a lot of staff time to complete before the July 1 deadline.

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