Public Review of Native Education Program Grant Application Tomorrow

PUBLIC NOTICE: Open public meeting to review draft application for Seattle Public Schools Title 7 Native Education Program Grant for fiscal year 2013-14

An open public hearing to review the Seattle Public Schools Native Education Title 7 Grant Application for fiscal year 2013-14 will be held 7-8:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 1, at the John Stanford Center, Room 2700, 2445 3rd Ave S., Seattle, Wash., 98103.

The 2013-14 draft Title 7 grant application will be presented. Native American Parents and community members can submit recommendations to be considered in the final grant submission. Deadline is May 14, 2013. For information contact: Janine Tillotson, Intervention Specialist, Native American Education Program at or call (206) 252-0061.


Carol Simmons said…
I spoke with Ms. Tillison and mentioned that the scheduling tonight of the two meetings (Title V11 Grant and the School Board meeting) is an unfortunate conflict. I also inquired about the demolition of Wilson Pacific, the fate of the Native American Murals, the fate of the Indian Heritage Program and the fate of the disproportionate number of Seattle Public School Native students enrolled in Special Education programs. She said that the meeting tonight would not deal with any of those issues but is held only to review the $74,000.00 grant. She suggested I speak with Ms. Shauna Heath, Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction. I have a call in to Ms. Heath with my concerns about our Native students and their families. I assume she will say that we, who are concerned, can apply to join the Task Force. How many task forces have there been starting in the 70ties with the original Disproportionality Task Force and the Recommendations that were made regarding the elimination of Disproportionality.

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