Silas Takes a Plea


Silas Potter Jr., one of the central figures in a financial scandal in Seattle Public Schools, pleaded guilty Monday to 36 counts of theft for stealing funds from a Seattle Public School District program designed to assist minority-owned businesses in receiving school district contracts. 

He could get between 3 1/2 to 5 years in prison.  He is to be sentenced in late May.

That leave one final co-conspirator, David Johnson, who is going to stand trial starting May 13th.   The third co-conspirator, Lorrie Kay Sorensen, pleaded guilty and is to be sentenced in June.

Seems like my hunch was right - Potter had nothing that was going to mitigate or save him.

I believe the district received some sum of money from insurance but not the entire $250k Potter took.  The vendors who made about $280k from questionable work may look like they are walking away unscathed but I hope the district makes note of who they are and gives pauses before hiring them again. 

What this left in its wake:
  • the exit of both a superintendent and COO
  • the defeat of the School Board president and a Board member
  • the departure of the district's facility director
  • the end of a program of outreach to women and minority-owned businesses
  • the loss of probably about $1M (between the money Potter and company took and the underdone work/complete lack of work done by vendors)


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