Interesting Article from the NYT

Some thought provoking information that I hope the decision makers at the SPS, LEV, AFE and all the  "stakeholders" will read and digest.


Jet City mom said…
To make this trend concrete, consider two children, one from a family with income of $165,000 and one from a family with income of $15,000. These incomes are at the 90th and 10th percentiles of the income distribution nationally, meaning that 10 percent of children today grow up in families with incomes below $15,000 and 10 percent grow up in families with incomes above $165,000.

In the 1980s, on an 800-point SAT-type test scale, the average difference in test scores between two such children would have been about 90 points; today it is 125 points. This is almost twice as large as the 70-point test score gap between white and black children. Family income is now a better predictor of children’s success in school than race.

Ive been saying this for two decades.
We could have saved millions of dollars by assigning kids to schools by socioeconomic indicators, instead of suing to use race instead.
IMO we would have had more to show for it as well.

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