NAEP Scores in Economics - Pretty Darn Good

I'll let Diane Ravitch explain these newly released scores to you (as she's the expert) - bold mine:

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) just released the results of its Economics test for high school seniors.

Only 18% of students ranked “below basic,” which surely included high numbers of students who are English language learners and have serious disabilities. 

82% are basic or above.

A remarkable 43% of students ranked “proficient” or above.

Proficient is excellent performance. Having served on the NAEP Board for seven years, I believe that a student who is proficient demonstrates A level performance.

3% of students rank “advanced.” This is A++ performance. 

In any classroom where 43% of the students earn a solid A, great things are happening.
Congratulations to our high school social studies teachers!

What is interesting is that NAEP reports that there is no significant change from the overall scores from 206-2012.

From NAEP:

Almost 30% of Hispanic students have parents who did not finish high school, a higher percentage than that of all other racial/ethnic groups.  These Hispanic students posted a 9-point gain in their average score from 2006-2012.

I'm with Diane - good job, social studies teachers.


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