When a vendor for the District has overbilled the District they can be subject to debarment - the District will refuse to do business with them in future.

As a result of the scandal around the Small Works roster program and the state auditor's office investigation into the potential loss of public funds, a number of cases for debarment arose.

Here is a district memo summarizing the status of those debarred.

You will note that the debarment of the Urban League has expired. It ran for 18 months from September 2011 to March 2013. I was troubled when Micheal Tolley contracted with the Urban League to provide mentoring to "at-risk" youth AFTER the Pottergate scandal broke. I was particularly troubled when the SAO reported that, once again, their invoices lacked sufficient detail. Yet the District is ready to do business with them again. Astonishing.


Anonymous said…
Is the district suing some of the more egregious vendors? The company that charged $36,000 for a new surveillance camera, yet provided SPS with a used refab camera that didn't work? Unbelievable, I hope some sort of legal action taken. At the very least, we should NEVER work with that vendor again, not a 3 year suspension.
Stunned Again

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