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It's a quiet week for SPS because of Spring Break.

The City has a survey about your use of the Internet, cable tv and city communications.  It might be good to take it as it may influence what kind of access to technology may be available in our city. 

Transportation A group called Start School Later is doing a survey about flipping start times.  I received word about this from several readers and it appears to be aimed only at elementary parents. 

Saturday, April 20th

Memorial service for the late Cheryl Chow at Town Hall at 10:30 am.  This is likely to be quite crowded so be advised if you plan on attending.  

Community Meeting with Director DeBell from 9-11 am at Cafe Appassionato by Fisherman's Terminal.

Community Meeting with Director Martin-Morris from 9:30-11:30 am at Diva Espresso on Lake City Way.

Parent Forum put on by the Road Map Project at Foster High School in Tukwila.  They will have workshops and a Resource Fair.  From the website:

The Parent Forum will offer tools and resources that will help parents understand the school system, get information on academic requirements and build stronger relationships with schools.

There will be buses available for transport from Washington Middle School, Roxhill Elementary and South Shore K-8.

Also to put on your calendar, Math for Love's second annual Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival from 1-5 pm on Sunday, April 28th at the North Ballroom of the Husky Union Building (HUB) at UW.

The festival features an abundance of inspiring mathematical activities for 4th-12th students to explore, led by mathematicians, teachers, and volunteers. These activities require creativity and persistence to solve. Some will be easily accessible to older elementary students, while others will challenge the brightest high schoolers.

The Julia Robinson Festival is challenging but noncompetitive, highlighting rich mathematical problems curated by adults who love math. It’s a perfect place for students who like math, games, or puzzles; for contest-goers looking to see what else math is about; or students who prefer the collaborative, noncompetitive aspects of math to contests.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link to the transportation survey - I have an elementary student, but hadn't seen that yet.

-- D's mom
parent said…
The way school times are now, an older sibling in either middle school or high school can be home before their elementary aged sibling - meaning they can be home to watch their sibling after school if parents are working.

I can't believe a 7:30am start is actually being considered...for any student.
G n A said…
The link is up to check your child's open enrollment status.
mirmac1 said…
An Op-ed about any of disproportionate discipline nobody talks about. Doesn't fit the ed reform message, I guess.

Students who receive special-education services are far more likely to be disciplined in Seattle Public Schools, writes guest columnist Mary Griffin.
mirmac1 said…
Interesting, we finally get to, hear, indirectly, about SPS sharing data the Road Map project. Except SPS says:

•Families cannot opt out of releasing student data that is mandated through State and Federal regulations.

Mandated? The Road Map project was not mandatory. The proposal was crafted by the ed reform gang led by Mary Jean Ryan. King County districts, including, SPS voluntarily signed on with our kids data.
Anonymous said…
I received the link to the survey, but it was NOT sent by SPS but by Cynthia Jatul from Start School Later Seattle.

Anonymous said…
I appear to be going backwards on hold trying to find my entering kindergartner's ID number. Long shot, but do any of you know how to find it, if you've lost the paper, aside from waiting in this Kafka-esque line(50 minutes and counting)?

-enrollment purgatory
watching said…
Thanks doe the link, marimac.

I notice spa does a great job in not disclosing the fact that our children's information will be tracked until 2020and the information is identifiable.

I remain unclear the information that will be given to CCER in relation to sp Ed students, iep, discipline and social supports.

Mayoral candidate, Charlie Staadecker, is overseeing the Road Map project with CCER and I intend on making this a campaign issue. Google. ...Staadecker, CCER, Road MAP, ESD etc. It is time for attention to be called to the fact that we have not given permission and we can not opt out. Why does this cacdidate feel it is ok to undermine our parental authority with our children's personal and identifiable information. B

Games on.

Sorry for tyos..done on a phone.
Ah, Correction, I missed that. Thanks.

Enrollment P, I don't know how to get that info easily.
Anonymous said…
Enrollment P

Student ID number should be on many communications that you might get from the district like transportation assignment, report card, etc. if you have any of those laying around.

-high school parent
Charlie Mas said…
High School Teens invited to citywide Teen Summit

The Seattle Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and its 2013 Delta GEMS are gearing up for its 5th Annual Teen Summit.

In partnership with the Mayor's Office and Seattle Parks & Recreation, this year's event is entitled “Keep It 100” and will include a combination of fun activities, guest speakers, and discussions of hot topics impacting teens in our community.

The Teen Summit will take place Saturday, April 20th from 10am-3pm at Van Asselt Community Center, 2820 S. Myrtle St, Seattle, WA. The summit is free and lunch will be provided.
Charlie Mas said…
Eastside Mathfest 2013

For kids in Grade K-5, but everyone age 4 and above is welcome!

Crossroads Bellevue
1-4pm, Saturday, April 27th

Pre-register at
mirmac1 said…
Did anyone make it to the NWEA lovefest at the Assessment Taskforce meeting last week?
mirmac1 said…
Interesting. Here is how your child will look, in a nutshell:

John Doe Student
mirmac1 said…
How many coaches, mentors, and masters do we need? Doesn't this increase costs? These Career Ladder positions represent the "human capital" strategy pushed by the Alliance and LEV.

T&L Update
Anonymous said…
Thanks, HSP- she's an incoming kindergartner, so I only had the one piece of communication, the original assignment letter. Which had disappeared. I have a ton of those things on my other kids, but they're not linked anywhere. I did my time on hold, and it all worked out. The people down there are very nice and helpful, for anyone else calling.

-enrollment purgatory

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