Silas Potter Arrested (Again)

When we last left Mr. Potter, he had been extradited back to Seattle from Florida and charged, along with two others, with various counts relating to money missing from the program he ran for SPS.  

Last week, he failed to show up at a scheduled hearing and his lawyer didn't know where he was.  The judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Yesterday he was arrested in Seattle and booked into King County jail.  The KC Prosecutor's office says he will stay there until his trial next month.  (I suspect he is considered a flight risk.)

I was wondering why he was even going to trial instead of taking a plea.  (One co-conspirator did take a plea, the other is on the lam.)  I had thought that perhaps he had some tantalizing information that he was going to reveal at the trial in order to try to save himself. 

But once he ran, I have to believe he has nothing to offer and simply does not want to go to jail. 


Patrick said…
What a sad man. He could have retired from the District in just a few more years, all he had to do was keep running his program in an honest way.
mirmac1 said…

why should Silas be expected to do this when his superiors did not?

The fish rots from the head.
Michael H said…
@Patrick: "...all he had to do was keep running his program in an honest way." That was part of the problem, Patrick. The program was NEVER run honestly. So he couldn't keep doing what he never did in the first place. It was a scam from the very start.

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