Tuesday Open Thread

KOMO TV is reporting that two 15-year old boys were arrested at Aki Kurose early this morning after the boys tripped alarms and police found the boys in possession of several laptops.

Hold your child close today.  One of the three victims who died during yesterday's horrific bombings in Boston was an eight-year old boy.   His sister has lost a leg and their mom has severe head injuries. 

What's on your mind?


Darren J said…
The Student Assignment/Waitlist Status page on SPL's website did not allow one to enter a Leap Day birthday yesterday (the drop boxes ony went up to the 28th). I filled out the feedback form, and later that day the website was fixed. Kudos to the IT people! Too bad my kid was waitlisted for Beacon Hill.

Anonymous said…
My heart goes out to every family as they mourn their loss and come together to heal.

Concerned Teacher Educator

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