Seattle Educators Honored

From SPS Communications:

KCTS 9 announced that Kristen Bailey Fogarty is a winner of the 2013 Annual Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Education. Bailey-Fogarty, a reading intervention teacher at Eckstein Middle School, was one of nine educators across the state honored for making a positive difference in Washington state education from early childhood through high school.

From Seattle Magazine:

Among their picks for most Influential People for 2013 were (number one: Macklemore, yay!) and Garfield teachers  Jesse Hagopian and Mallory Clarke for their efforts around the MAP boycott.


Anonymous said…
I have sent 2 kids through SPS. They have had many amazing teachers. Kristin, though, stands apart. She reaches every kid in the class. The kids are so motivated & excited about learning. They feel like they can accomplish what she expects & her expectations are high. I am glad that she is teaching reading intervention now, a great use for her skills, with kids who are starting to give up on academics.

Congratulations Kristin!

- a mom
Chris said…
My son is in her reading class now. She is always so positive and willing to do whatever is needed to help him succeed. Well deserved!
RosieReader said…
Yes, Kristin is amazing. Well deserved honor.
Anonymous said…
I don't know Kristin but her husband Joe at QAE is phenomenal. Truly gifted. One of the teachers I know my daughter will never forget.
Peter Schurke said…
Kristin is one of my former colleagues and I couldn't be prouder of her! An honor long overdue and well deserved.

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