Monday, May 22, 2017

School Board Candidate Updates

Three candidates have withdrawn from the races.

Two are in District 4:  Jeff Jones and Anh M. Nguyen.  Neither showed for the 36th Dems interviews.  (Also not interviewed there but still in the race; Herbert J. Camet, Jr. and Sean Champagne.)

One is in District 5: Michelle Sarju.  I'm a little disappointed about this one; she sounded like an intriguing candidate.  

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joanna said...

As to my question on another thread regarding Omar Vasquez's address. I checked with King County and he lives in Director District 5 on First Hill. He is using his 3rd Avenue business address as his campaign address. It makes sense to have candidates use a campaign address for the public to contact. In the past, I must have only paid attention to the addresses after the candidates were already on the PDC site where they listed their addresses for both.