Add Another One to the No on Charters Column

Last night, the 43rd LD Democrats passed a resolution against charter schools.  It passed overwhelmingly with just a couple of nays. 

The 43rd, the district that Michelle Buetow and I both live in, is the district that Speaker Frank Chopp, Senator Ed Murray and Rep. Jamie Pedersen represent.  I'm sure the leadership in the 43rd will let them know about passage of this resolution.  I do hope they will take into consideration in these last weeks of the legislative session.


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mirmac1 said…
According to Nick Hanauer, you must all be stooges too.

WV: (It is way less annoying now.)
David said…
If charter schools worked, I'd support them, but the facts they don't work. As a Stanford study showed, only 17% are measurably better than public schools, but 37% are measurably worse.

That means not only do charter schools not help, they actually make things worse. I don't see how anyone other than ideologues can support charter schools given their track record. The data says they don't work.

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