Today in Depressing High School News

 Here's a video of high school students being asked basic civic questions.

I'm assuming this video was shot in Washington State since they asked a couple of Washington questions. 

Not one student got the question "In what war did America gain its independence" correct.

Apparently, Joe Biden doesn't register with most kids (although his last name does sound like ...bin Laden?

At the end, the interviewer says to keep in mind the kids were caught off-guard and not in their classrooms.  Oh. 

I would laugh but it's just not funny.


mirmac1 said…
I take heart in those who Nailed It and gave a dam.
Anonymous said…
i googled around when i saw this earlier - the narrator looks to be a writer for the Olympia HS newspaper. kids do not know what that fancy building in their town is all about? please let this be a prank....

mirmac1 said…
This is good news:

Ed Reform bills
anonymous said…
I just tested my middle school son who is not in APP or Spectrum or honors, and he knew the answers to all of the questions. He thought it was a pretty stupid test, frankly. Not sure that the group of students they interviewed was representative?

another mom
TraceyS said…
Or, some of the kids may have been pranking the interviewer.
Patrick said…
Giving silly answers on purpose to be a clown is an established high school tradition.
seattle citizen said…
Government, history, current events and civics aren't on the HSPE....or MAP.

If it doesn't relate to your future job, it's not important.

Word Verifier ressents this.

As do I.
Nope, they seemed dopey to me. I know kidding; these kids were not kidding.
Anonymous said…
Here's a little more of the story:

- Jill
seattle citizen said…
Regarding my earlier comment about government not being on the test, here's my comment on another thread about Ms. Munn, of LEV, stating that "what gets measured gets done":

Over at the League of Education Voters blog, Field Director Kelly Munn tells us that "what gets measured gets done," regarding a possible removal of the writing portion of state tests.

Of course one is tempted to remind her that history, art, music, civics, and all sorts of other subjects aren't on the state tests.

They won't get done, Ms. Munn? And that's okay with LEV, a supported of everything the state tests drive?

One is tempted to comment thusly to Ms. Munn, but one cannot because LEV doesn't let one post comments on LEV. One evidently was too strident or something once, one was...Alas.

Luckily, one other succinctly summed it up for one in the first comment on Munn's disregard for everything not currently tested:
" stated “What gets measured, gets done.” Are you sure that is what you meant to say?
It is precisely the immeasurable that contributes most to the growth of an individual and a student, 'measuring' everything is precisely what is wrong with the outsider so-called 'reformers' who haven’t a clue what it really takes to educate each and every student, in my humble opinion, while each assesment just overloads an already taxed teaching staff with yet another test to teach to.
Disappointing, but I see that this isn’t about the students anymore for LEV. moving my support to the educators who have dedicated their lives to their students instead."
rooster said…
On another topic -- I just don't know where else to ask this question . . . .

not to be pushy, but will there be a post coming regarding this week's School Board meeting?

I am dying to talk about the issues raised, particularly how in the world Kay Smith Blum and Holly Ferguson expect "recruiting" visits to be held to two visits or two visitors per year when the district CUT the very position that monitored that -- Career Center Specialists. I didn't hear anyone asking, "And who in the building will be monitoring this now that we have CUT the important (and inexpensive) Career Center Specialists from the WSS?"

Oh, we don't want to talk about that, do we? We want to just look good passing policy while cutting the employees who enforce those policies. Kay Smith Blum is looking like a speech-maker rather than an advocate for kids.
Christina said…
The video is funny. Go look at Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans" clips on YouTube. The "Talking to Americans" special was, until the 2010 Winter Olympics Men's Hockey Finals, the most watched television broadcast in Canadian history.

Now, incurious, not at all inquisitive, facts-averse media that publishes and distributes this without context, should make us depressed.
Anonymous said…
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dw said…
Geez people. Doesn't anyone read the rules for leaving comments?! Mel, maybe you can change the first sentence in "Leave your comment" to red to attract attention?

This post is worth saving/reposting, let's just say it's from "random person":

As one who works in the Seattle Schools on a daily basis the answer is this is not a joke. I have been in many classes where discussion about current events is frowned upon

I can state two schools that both told me to not read the newsaper to kids.. Pathfinder and Mercer. Andra Lutz former Principal there walked in and said "we do not read newspapers here to our students" (she was both big on colloquials and on patronizing)

I have been to Garfiled where an Admin witnessed my discussion with an APP class regarding morality and diversity as the story relates to current events and said "you need to stick to the story questions - these discusssions are irrelevant"

I use current events to gauge knowledge and frankly to fill raging gaps in lessons plans that are left.

Don't think its a joke. Kids are so focused on solely data that can reguritated that they have no idea regarding the larger picture.

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