NOVA Tour Night - February 9

One week from today, The NOVA Project opens its doors, welcoming the community to come and learn more about the school.

Anyone and everyone interested in NOVA should come. Students, families, and teachers should all come. 8th graders and their families should seriously consider NOVA as a high school choice. There is no one type of student at NOVA; it works well for a broad range of students.

The NOVA Project is an option school, open to all students district wide.

NOVA Tour Night
Thursday, February 9th
6:00 - 7:30pm
300 - 20th Avenue East, Seattle 98112

The night will feature student-led tours with question and answer sessions. Students, staff and parents will be available throughout the building to answer questions and to discuss NOVA.

Here's an informative flyer: NOVA Tour Night- 2/9/12


Anonymous said…
Thanks Charlie. We just got word this morning that Nova is being recognized by WA OSPI's "Washington Achievement Award". Congratulations to the Nova staff and community for their "Special Recognition" in two categories:
--Extended graduation rates
--Closing the achievement gap

But that's not all- Nova's Ultimate team is gearing up for spring season, Band Committee has a performance in March, Book fair/literature night in April, Drama present Firebugs this spring... and tonight, Nova Naked Truth (spoken word) performs at WAPI in columbia city.

Alternative, option, innovation, creative approach... call it what you want, we call it Nova.

Anonymous said…
Go Nova!

Catherine said…
..and might I add.. Nova... where the alternative, option, innovation, and creative approach works WITHOUT the need for charters!

My congratulations note has already gone out.
Anonymous said…
Is NOVA an acronym?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous @ 2:03 said "Is NOVA an acronym?"

Nope. The school is (was?) The Nova Project- named by the students and teachers who started it. The "Project" piece of the name has been confusing to many people, leading others to call it Nova Alternative HS and now I think the official letterhead just says "Nova High School".

Anonymous said…
Thanks! And sorry to not sign the anonymous post @2:03 above--


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