Principal change at Lafayette

The West Seattle Blog is reporting that principal Jo Lute-Ervin will not be returning to Lafayette next year.

Ms Lute-Ervin has served as the principal for a number of schools in the past few years.


To add to the list, the principal at Olympic View, Justin Baeder, also seems to be leaving (he may be moving away).
Jo Lute-Ervin's letter indicates that she will be a "district administrator" next year.
Anonymous said…
Great, like we need another one of them.

Mr Ed
Ed said…
Jo Lute-Ervin deserves better than the treatment she has received the last couple years.
Floor Pie said…
That was fast. I wonder if she'll end up at our school next year (principal is retiring).
Floor Pie said…
Oops, nevermind. Just saw Melissa's post that she'll be a "district administrator." Hmm...

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