Just a Reminder - Director Community Meetings Tomorrow

DeBell Community Meeting from 9-11 am at Cafe Appasionato
Peaslee Community Meeting from 10:30 am to noon at the Lake City Library

I am torn about going to talk to DeBell and ask him why he continues to feed conflict on the Board.  I understand that during the discussion about the CAS, he said some on the Board wanted "control."

It's not about control; it's about oversight.  I never in my life thought I would quote Ronald Reagan but their role is "trust but verify" to voters.   They gave it away with this MOU.

Also, I still have not heard from him about why the superintendent search seems to be a mystery.  There is finally a webpage on the search but it has the vaguest of timelines (with no mention of public input or ability to meet the finalists) and no mention of the the two committees. 

Where's that transparency? 


Anonymous said…
Michael is confusing "community representation" - a voice at the table, for the first time in a long while, thanks to the gang-of-four - with "control."

They pushed too hard, too long, and too far. Now the compressed spring is pushing back and they don't like it.

Well, comeuppance & karma are bitches, ain't they? Be a big boy and deal with it, Michael. WSDWG
Anonymous said…
And by the way, I saw a copy of a letter sent to Lowell parents explaining the MAP re-scoring matter.

Talk about control, micromanagement, and interfering with teachers. Holy Cow!

It's a recipe for grinding learning to a halt if ever I've read one. WSDWG
Disgusted said…
"Michael is confusing "community representation" - a voice at the table"

Yes. He will attempt to micromanage te board via media, political pressure, arm twisting, policy 1620 etc. It appears DeBell is the ultimate in

Kudos to Peaslee and Patu.
Disgusted said…
I didn't finish my sentence:

It appears DeBell is the ultimate control monger. Similar to the Crosscut article, Times Editorial and Seattle Weekly article(to push 1620)I'm expecting a continued media and political assault on Peaslee. From my perspective Peaslee is both articulate and smart.

Let's face it, we had 4 directors that were not comfortable with the Creative Approach MOU because the board didn't create over-arching policies. None-the -less, the MOU was passed.

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