SPS Calendar Update

There had been two conflicting SPS meetings on Wednesday but things have shifted.

There is a Work Session on the budget from 4-5:30 p.m.

Immediately after that there is an Executive Session on "labor negotiations/potential litigation" from5:30-6:00 pm. Members of the public are not allowed in executive sessions.

Then there is another Work Session update on the Families and Education Levy from
6:15-7:00 pm.


dan dempsey said…
... "labor negotiations/potential litigation"

Is that Chris Jackins ???

Might this be about the MOU?
? said…
Dan, Please explain.
suep. said…
Could be, because the MOU is illegal.
Juana said…
I believe that Dan referenced Chris Jackins' statement during his testimony on 2/15 that the legal analysis that he obtained of the MOU shows that it violates state law. Here is the link to that board meeting.

dan dempsey said…
Yup ... it is Chris and it is about the MOU.

Turns out that under state law the Board cannot just abandon its responsibility by giving carte blanche for waiver authority to the superintendent as proposed in the MOU.
Anonymous said…
State Law is just so controlling,
don't you think, Michael DeBell?

--enough already
Dang! That is an interesting turn of events. It did seem a little too easy for the Board for such a monumental experiment.
Kathy said…
For such a large change, Creative Approach Schools needed a lot more time and discussion.

Robust discussions would have served to make a better proposal. This proposal was pre-maturely pushed through the door.

It wasn't what was written in the MOU, but what WASN'T written- school board oversight- and it almost got passed the board. Intentional?
Kathy said…
Oh yea, don't forget, Tim Burgess was sittingin the audience claiming that this was a big moment for the city.

Does anyone else think there was an ENORMOUS amount of political pressure being placed on the board? Just think, if someone voted NO, they might have to deal with the wrath of Crosscut, Seattle Times Editorial Board and the Seattle Weekly. We've seen it before.
SPSLeaks said…
I think Tim Burgess' emails would be very interesting...

dan dempsey said…
Perhaps the District can change the Official Motto to:
Experiments are Us
bradholister said…
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