FYI Teachers

SEA Candidates Coffee Chats:

Friday, Feb 24th, 9:30 am to 11 am
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill: Cafe Presse -1117 12th Avenue

 Saturday, Feb 25th, 9:30 am to11am
Neighborhood: Georgetown: All City Coffee, 1205 S Vale St (between S Corson Ave & S 12th Ave)

Sunday Feb 26th, 9:30 am -11am 
Cafe Fiore, 5405 Leary Avenue Northwest

 More info: Eric Muhs, or


SeattleSped said…
Just want to note that my child's excellent SpEd teacher is contemplating voting for Knapp because his number two on the slate and "understands SpEd and what I'm going through."

Seriously. Is that enough to stick with a leadership that has, so far, sold you down the river? My money is on the opposition, who represents the concerns of many SpEd educators who are TIRED of being blamed for budget woes and (insert claim here).

As an outsider, I want leadership that balances classroom needs with idealogical needs. I support Eric Muhs.
StopTFA said…
repost from another thread:

Hey. I'm used to being the fall guy. That's okay, but otherwise you are road-kill.

I support Eric Muhs. We agree on many things, including listening to teachers before millionaires.

JKnapp may have a SpEd running mate, but know that SpEd families (of which I am one), see NO advantage to this arrangement. Political alliances this late in the game do nothing to dissuade me.
Anonymous said…
Jennifer Hall is a SPED teacher at West Seattle High, and she is running for V.P.

I know nothing about Jonathan's running mate, other than she has attached her star to a leader who espouses grassroots democracy and who runs everything behind the scenes.

Fro example, the latest MOU was:

announced for a Monday 12 Dec vote, even though there was NOT a published draft to vote on, on Thursday 8 Dec.

tabled for 1 month on 12 Dec. to Mon. 9 Jan. due to SEA RA concerns about the fast timeline, and the lack of an actual document... to read.

postponed by Snow-mageddon until Mon. 24 Jan.

actually released for review on Tues. 10 Jan.

passed by a pack the house vote on 24 Jan.

possibly changed AND not reviewed AND not voted on again, but, approved by the school board on Wed. 15 Feb.

The latest MOU, supported by City Council member Tim Burgess, a frequent flyer at the dog and pony shows put on by Gates' Astro Turfs of LEV & SFC & AFE ...was hashed out

behind the scenes !!

Secret Voting Isn't Voting For Secrecy.
Anonymous said…

The Thurs. 8 Dec email did have a version of the MOU in it! The email had the subject "Exhibit A" , and it was a forward of blank email with the same subject sent out on Wed 7 Dec.

Well, I guess that demolishes my theory on insider clique-ism!

There were 4 or 5 days to read the MOU before the attempt to shove it down our throats on Mon. the 12th!


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