Curriculum & Instruction Committee of the Whole Meets Tonight

Forgot to post this interesting agenda (it was not available when I put up the weekly list of meetings on Monday). The meeting starts at 6 pm.  I would guess it would be in the auditorium rather than the Board conference room as there will be sure to be many interested on-lookers.

  • Approval of Waiver of Basic Instructional Materials Policy
  • Teach for America contract
  • Classroom technology guiding principles
This should be a fascinating conversation with not-your-usual crowd for a C&I meeting.

Please someone, go and take notes.  I would love to hear who on the Board speaks up for TFA.  After the info that was given to them on the additional costs of TFA (which Peter Maier never tired of saying didn't exist) and the lack of hires by our site-based hiring teams, I'll love to hear a justification for keeping this program.  I'm sure they will do so because I can imagine the pressure from the charter crowd (the up-the-food-chain people like Jon Bridge and Nick Hanaeur) on the Board to keep it in place.  Our Board (and their somewhat jiggly spine) probably won't be able to say no.

I won't be able to be there as I have an charter school event at Arbor Heights where I am acting as fact-checker.  I neglected to mention this before because I got it in my head it was just for Arbor Heights parents.  It isn't so if you want to hear a spirited discussion about charters, come on down.

Arbor Heights, 3701 SW 104th from 6:45-8:00 p.m.


Charlie Mas said…
The Operations part of the meeting begins at 4:00.

The Curriculum and Instruction part of the meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:00.
Right, I forgot it was the double-whammy committee meeting day.
Disgusted said…
You won't see a "jiggly spine" from Peaslee or Patu.

It would seem that last night's decision to relinquish school board control to an Oversight Committee would open the door to TfA.
StopTFA said…
ACK! I can't make it tonight! Somebody please go and fill me in!
Charlie Mas said…
I sure hope this marks the beginning of the end for the TFA contract.
Charlie Mas said…
Yep. The committee decided to put forward a motion to cancel the contract.

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